by Gregg Cave

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This album was recorded between autumn 2013 and Spring 2014, in Moulton, Northamptonshire, England


released July 21, 2014

All songs written by Gregg Cave except -
tracks 1, 2 &5 words traditional; track 10: words taken from the John Clare poem "Song:Last Day"
Gregg - guitars, vocals, harmonica
Nick Ellison- fiddle, vocals
Duncan Coverdale- drums and percussion
Brendan O'Neill- bass
Jo Blake Cave- vocals
Gareth Turner - melodeon

Special thanks to
Dave Swarbrick - fiddle on track 1

Engineered and produced by Mark Stevens
Cover Art by Alex Langer



all rights reserved


Gregg Cave Northampton, UK

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Track Name: The Bonny Lass of Anglesey
Our King has cried a noble cry
And well kept it must be
The English lords are coming down
To dance and win the victory

Our King has cried a noble cry
And well kept it must be
"Go saddle ye and bring to me The Bonny Lass of Anglesey"

So up she starts as white as the milk
Between him and his company
Saying "what is the thing I have to ask If I should win the victory?"

"You'll get fifteen ploughs and a mill
& I'll give thee to the day thou die
The fairest knight in all of my court to take for your husband for to be"

"Oh there's not a Knight in all of your court
That'll make me the bride to be
But to keep my land free of foes, well this will be my victory"

So she's taken the fifteen lords by the hand
Saying "Won't you come dance with me?"
By the evening at ten o' clock they gave it over most shamefully

Then up then raised the fifteenth lord
What an angry man was he
He's laid free beside him his belt and his sword, to the floor he gazed manfully

He said "My feet my feet will be my death
Before she wins the victory"
By the morning at ten o'clock, oh, he gave it over most shamefully

So you English lords that do travel this land
Take heed of what I do say
Hold your swords low and two feet on the ground
Beware of the Lass of Anglesey, the bonny Lass of Anglesey
Track Name: Old England Grown New
You talk of New England - I truly believe
Old England
Track Name: Born of This Land
There's a flame in my heart that refuses to die
It was born of this land, lives in you and I
Born of This Land You & I
Pour me a drink landlord I just don't care any more
The Queen;s head in my pocket won't even pay for the food for the ones I love
Track Name: The Bunny Run
There is a fog lifting today
and it's over the River Nene
Track Name: An Atheist's Grave
One day as I sauntered among the churchyard dead
I marked one grave where the Sexton said an atheist's ashes lay
A headstone appointed a lonely spot inscribed with his his age and name
But other memorials there were not to mark either praise or blame
Track Name: We Need a Mother
Young people today they don't know what to sing for
You ask them to fight and they'll say "What are we fighting for?"
Oh God..
We need a Mother not a God right now.
Track Name: Down By the Lake
Oh wait for me I'll be there when you call
Oh wait for me Down by the lake
Track Name: Ancient Hymn
Well I've got my ancient hymn
Well I've got my ancientt hymn
I've got a big truck with my name on the back
We're gonna drive to hell, we ain't coming back
Track Name: Last Day
There is a day, a dreadful day Still following the past
When sun and moon have passed away and
Mingled with the blast
Track Name: William Morris, Wat Tyler
Bring me a strong man, one who speaks to me
William Morris , Wat Tyler, people who speak to me
& We can believe, oh, we can dream...